We are experts in water and waste management, offering innovative, cost effective and eco-friendly solutions. Using the most advanced technology, our infrastructure is among the most efficient for the design, manufacture, testing and supply of water and waste water treatment.

Customer requirement and ecological preservation are both foremost factors in developing our water treatment initiatives. Our team of dedicated professionals include environmental scientists, engineers and technicians with sound experience and knowledge in our entire product range. They are the force multipliers whose technical support drives our products to perform at their optimum without a glitch. Our experts have the answer to even the most challenging of your compliance and treatment needs.

Both technology and our team of experts, are our success drivers. Our services extend across various states of India. We understand that no one size fits all and all our solutions are tailor made for different customers. With the kind of customer satisfaction that we have delivered across a spectrum of their needs, we can say with conviction that whatever be your water and waste management need, 2WS can address it most efficiently and effectively.


Readymade Septic Tanks

Rugged and Durable, these readymade anaerobic septic tanks are removable and can be shifted

Readymade Bio Digesters/Readymade Bio Toilets for Sewage Waste

Silent and odorless with minimal Operating Costs, they are ideal for organic waste

Readymade Sewage Treatment Plants

Fit them and forget them, these plants have minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency

Portable and Mobile Toilets

Ranging from Luxurious to Functional, they can be erected within minutes and be used immediately

Biogas Plants

Reloadable and Easy to erect, these plants have a long life, thanks to HDPE material used for constructing them

Organic Waste Convertors / Composting Units

Very low on electricity consumption, they are the perfect solution for solid wet waste and need no skilled labour to Operate

Electrolytic (Non- Biological) Sewage Treatment Plant

This plant works on non-biological system and needs no bacterial growth to make it function.

Biological STP (MBBR/ SBR based)

The Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) Process and Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Process…

100% Automated Water Metering System

The system ensures an accurate and hassle-free water metering measurement and monitoring of water distribution…

Bio Stoves and Bio Chullas

With a capacity ranging from 10 kg/ day to 1000 kg/day, these stoves and chullas convert food waste…

Solar Street Lights

Food cooked in solar cooker is more nutritious with protein and vitamin retention being more as compared…

Solar Cookers

Food cooked in Solar Cooker is more nutritious with protein and vitamin retention being more…

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use atmospheric heat to generate hot water, churning out output nearly four times that of the input energy.


Upgrading Existing Septic Tanks to Biotoilets

Biodigester Bacteria is dosed into the Septic Tank, Upgrading in to a biotoilet.

Efficiency Solutions for Sewage Treatment Plants

Maintenance, Retrofitting, and Renovation of existing STP’s to make

Water Treatment Solutions

Offering water treatment systems to suit small, medium or large requirements.

Water Harvesting Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for tapping rooftop and surface run-off water in all institutions- Houses, Offices and Industries